About The Guide to Odd New York

guidebook to weird stuff in new york cityNow available! Buy The Guide to Odd New York on Amazon.com.

The Guide to Odd New York proves that weirdness still lives in the world’s greatest city. Perfect for locals and adventurous visitors who are tired of conventional tourist attractions, this spankin’ new guide book lures readers off the beaten path to a quirkier side of New York City.

We’ve included the strange, the irreverent, and the unexpected with more than 60 eye-popping photos and a surprising entry on every page: * A psychedelic dreamworld in Tribeca * A mummified nun in upper Manhattan * A kitschy mermaid parade in Coney Island * The oldest transvestite training school in the country * Abandoned nuclear missile silos in Queens * An East Village museum celebrating organized crime * America’s last circus sideshow school * The city’s wickedest witchcraft store * A schlock sex and horror film company in Long Island City * Plus 100 more offbeat entries.

We also point the way to strange nightlife destinations and bizarre events happening throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

If you love the offbeat, outrageous, strange, sometimes shocking side of New York City, The Guide to ODD NEW YORK is your ultimate source for unusual places, weird attractions and the city’s most curious sights.

Where has all the weirdness gone? It’s right here in The Guide to ODD NEW YORK.


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